Thanks to Councillor Michael Oshry and Trustee Debbie Engel for the December 10th meeting with representatives of the Bessie Nichols and Sister Annata Brockman Schools, representatives of the Glastonbury and Hamptons’ Community Leagues and myself to discuss traffic and pedestrian safety issues.

My notes (which I am checking with other participants for errors and omissions) include:

Key concerns:
• student, staff, and pedestrian safety near SAB and BN due to congestion, limited visibility, and impatient drivers. AMA, City Transportation, Edmonton Police have all directed that adults are not to assist with managing traffic, leaving children to cross streets on their own
• peak hour congestion impacting entire neighborhood, including feeder roads and major traffic routes – Hemingway to 199 Street, Glastonbury Boulevard to 62nd Avenue to the Henday. Congestion is to the point where student bussing north of 62nd avenue is impacted
• excessive speed on Hemingway outside of peak hours

Potential options:
• add amber lights and replace white signage with yellow at cross-walks on Hemingway and on 62nd avenue
• school bus parking inlet in front of SAB
• move “blind” cross-walk from current location at SAB
• camera at stop sign to ticket violations (town of Beaumont)
• better marking / painted markings at cross-walks
• bike / walking path both schools similar to Walkable Edmonton program currently limited to core of city
• limit 215 Street as cut-through
• speed table and raised cross walk at end of BN field on 204
• add parking lot for BN
• timed lights at 204 street and Hemingway so that pedestrians cross in bunches rather than as a steady stream
• eliminate left hand turns on to Hemingway from BN drop off
• seasonal no parking signs with appropriate enforcement
• move electrical box on 199 street south of Hemingway

Several interim measures have been achieved over the past year: the 4 way stop at Hemingway and 204 Street, the 3 automated speed signs on Hemingway, the no-stopping zone at SAB, trimming of foliage on 204 Street that was obscuring vision, and staggered start times for the two schools.

Councillor Oshry advised that traffic safety is an issue for the new Council, and that he had put forward an inquiry to the City administration which should have a response early in 2014. The City has also authorized clearing of all snow windrows for all school zones by Friday December 13, and to raise clearing for school zones to the highest priority for future clearing.

Councillor Oshry committed to a follow-up meeting with the group for which he would invite City administration. This meeting to be scheduled after the responses received to current inquiries. Low cost solutions that do not require extensive consultation processes could be a starting point, with more substantive approaches requiring a consultation process.