I am honoured to receive an endorsement from retired Principal Josue Bensimon.  I got to know and appreciate Josh as Principal  of Talmud Torah School.  You can read Josh’s letter below.

Thanks to the parents, school Council members, and community residents for their endorsements.




‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎19, ‎2017

Dear Ken:

I am pleased that you have decided to run again for Trustee in Ward E.  I cannot think of a better candidate to serve as Trustee for Ward E.  

YOUR EXPERIENCE having served three terms as Trustee for Ward E;  

YOUR DEDICATION to public education as demonstrated by your participation in the Alberta Education Curriculum Policy Advisory Committee and,

YOUR KNOWLEDGE of the needs of the 17 schools of Ward E that you served so diligently for ten years will,

ENSURE CONTINUED PROGRESS in all areas including strengthening innovative public and private partnerships initiatives in which you have been so closely involved.

On a personal note:

I have seen Ken at work when we met professionally at Budget Results Review meetings when school principals had to answer trustees questions about all aspects of education at our respective schools.  

I remember Ken coming to these meetings with his big blue binder with taps on all aspects of the budget in which he had prepared  very pointed questions on details of the budget.  It was truly inspiring to see quote unquote  a ‘politician’ be genuinely concerned about details of how education budget was spent and more importantly how the goal of educating our students was being met or not.

Ken was very deliberate, thoughtful and respectful, always mindful of the difficult challenges that confront us as educators.  Ken’s focus as Trustee was to act as an important voice to reflect the needs of the community and how best to address those needs to reach our common goal: ‘Best delivery of Education to the students in our care’.

Ken has my vote and I hope you would consider giving him your vote because he is one who knows what the job of Trustee entails and how to translate the community goals in the daily practice of educating our children.

Sincerely yours,

Josue (Josh) Bensimon

Retired Principal