Thanks to Rebecca, the rest of Council, and Principal Boyle for the opportunity to participate in tonight’s Council meeting.

I appreciated the opportunity to learn the school’s work on Literacy, including teacher professional development in Literacy Foundations and Literary Coaching; Leveled Literacy and Middle Years Literacy; Guided Reading; and supports for English Language Learners.  It is important to note the school is working to obtain Leveled Literacy materials in Hebrew.

Principal Boyle also reported on interesting findings on adolescent brain development and implications for teacher and parental support.  Apparently adolescence may start as early as 10 years old and stretch into the mid-twenties. Changes to the adolescent brain starts with the limbic portion (emotion and learning) and changes come later to the frontal cortex (decision-making and self-control).  Hence teachers and parents can help in providing regular reminders and interventions to help hardwire the development towards the decision-making portion.

I appreciate the opportunity to gain the Council member perspectives on District decision-making for international travel during times of heightened security concerns. I was able to share your perspectives with Superintendent Robertson.