I am honoured that a number of supporters of public education have endorsed me:

For the 2017 campaign:

“As a former principal and longtime resident of Ward E, I can confidently say that Ken Gibson is an outstanding choice for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee. Through my many years working with Ken I have known him to be a strong advocate for quality public education and the welfare of students is always his first priority. He comes to the job informed, well prepared and continually acts with commitment, thoughtfulness, and integrity. Ken is focused on how our schools can most effectively meet the needs of all students, he listens to and learns from stakeholders and his positions are based on knowledge and reflection. He truly believes that all the children can be successful. We are very fortunate to have Ken run again in Ward E and I am proud to support him.”

– Shaunda Yeoman, retired Principal

“Ken has provided a common sense approach serving the community. He was open  and able to effectively assist me in negotiating systemic red tape in order to provide the best school experience for my child.  He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and driven to provide a school system that meets the needs of the community  at all levels. Most importantly, he is available and accessible to his constituents and eager to meet their needs. I readily support his re- election.”
 –Carmen Bellows, Parent
“As a parent and a member of school and parent council at Patricia Heights Elementary School I have worked with Ken Gibson for the past four years.  I really appreciated that he took the time to attend some of our council meetings.  He always responds in a timely fashion to any of our questions and concerns and is invested in the needs of our school and its students.”
– Allison McLean, parent
“We fully endorse Mr. Ken Gibson for his re-election for Ward E Public School Trustee.  In all of our past dealings with him, we found him to be honourable, caring, attentive, and in touch with the needs of our school children.  Ken has always been focused on how to make education better in his ward, not just for the present but also and looking ahead to anticipate and meet future needs as well. He is not a politician looking to use this as a stepping stone, he genuinely cares about education in our ward.”
-Robbie Benusic,
Past Parents Advisory Council Chair, Centennial Elementary School
-Michelle Verhey,
Events Coordinator Parents Advisory Council, Centennial Elementary School

“Ken is hands on.  His grass roots perspective and ability to connect to people in the present is a true testament to his commitment and passion to his role and people that he serves.  He is available, prompt and always presents (despite the demands surrounding him)  like you are the only one that matters.  He is reachable, collaborative, intuitive and puts the time and energy into issues to understand them to the core without making “knee jerk” reactions.  His support extends to action as he participates and joins in where people connect most- celebrations, activities, meetings and milestones. And most importantly…Ken is passionate about this commitment.  This all translates to a trustee that continues to influence policy while being mindful of student achievement, well being and how all these aspects influence the school climate and community.”

Jen Osmond, parent

“Ken Gibson has always been a wealth of support to our school community here at Bessie Nichols School.  I have my three children attending the school and I also act as the Chair to the Parent Council for the past three years. Ken’s support to the school community’s needs and dedication have been unparalleled.  He almost always makes a point to attend our school council meetings, and when present, his input is always well received by the parents in the school community.  He makes it a point to listen to the parents’ concerns and is always encouraging feedback from the school community.  We sincerely thank Ken for his dedication and commitment to making our school community a thriving one.  We look forward to Ken’s continued support and presence in our Bessie Nichols School community. Thank you Ken!”

– Shelley Mahajan, Chair, Bessie Nichols School Council

“I really appreciate receiving Ken’s highlights of Board discussions and decisions and the opportunities to provide input from a parent’s perspective.‎ I also value his interest in learning about our school’s community through his participation  in parent council meetings and student events.”

– Catherine Anley, Parent, Ecole Rio Terrace Shule

“Ken Gibson is highly committed towards the betterment of all families and students that he represents as the Trustee for Ward E.  He is a tireless advocate for the individuals and communities he represents.  He is an excellent communicator and does an exceptional job of keeping his constituents well informed and educated.  I am proud to support Ken Gibson as School Trustee for Ward E.”

– Jason Rumer, Community Volunteer

“Ken,  thank you for your dedication and support at S. Bruce Smith School.  I have had children attend the school for the last three years,  and whether I see you in attendance at monthly School Council meetings or attending the school functions,  you continue to play such a vital role in ensuring the school community needs are taken care of.  Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
– Gaylene Webb, Parent 

“‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎19, ‎2017

Dear Ken:

I am pleased that you have decided to run again for Trustee in Ward E.  I cannot think of a better candidate to serve as Trustee for Ward E.  

YOUR EXPERIENCE having served three terms as Trustee for Ward E;  

YOUR DEDICATION to public education as demonstrated by your participation in the Alberta Education Curriculum Policy Advisory Committee and,

YOUR KNOWLEDGE of the needs of the 17 schools of Ward E that you served so diligently for ten years will,

ENSURE CONTINUED PROGRESS in all areas including strengthening innovative public and private partnerships initiatives in which you have been so closely involved.

On a personal note:

I have seen Ken at work when we met professionally at Budget Results Review meetings when school principals had to answer trustees questions about all aspects of education at our respective schools.  

I remember Ken coming to these meetings with his big blue binder with taps on all aspects of the budget in which he had prepared  very pointed questions on details of the budget.  It was truly inspiring to see quote unquote  a ‘politician’ be genuinely concerned about details of how education budget was spent and more importantly how the goal of educating our students was being met or not.

Ken was very deliberate, thoughtful and respectful, always mindful of the difficult challenges that confront us as educators.  Ken’s focus as Trustee was to act as an important voice to reflect the needs of the community and how best to address those needs to reach our common goal: ‘Best delivery of Education to the students in our care’.

Ken has my vote and I hope you would consider giving him your vote because he is one who knows what the job of Trustee entails and how to translate the community goals in the daily practice of educating our children.

Sincerely yours,

Josue (Josh) Bensimon

Retired Principal”

For the 2013 campaign:

Don Fleming, former Trustee and Chair of Edmonton Public School Board:

“Ken Gibson is the best choice as Public School Trustee for Ward E. In his previous terms as the Ward Trustee, Ken distinguished himself as one of the most dedicated and thoughtful members of the Board. His experience provides him with an in-depth understanding of the organizational culture of Edmonton Public Schools. He appreciates the commitment of District staff, the complexities of allocating scarce resources to schools and the challenges of developing school budgets. He knows how to balance community needs with Board priorities. He is a passionate advocate for community and for public education. As your Trustee he will continue to work to ensure that every student is provided with the best possible learning opportunities.”

Bev Esslinger, former Trustee and Chair of Edmonton Public School Board:

“Ken was a great Trustee and I wholeheartedly endorse him as he demonstrated thorough understanding of the education system,  fiscally responsible and focused on providing the best education possible to students.”

Ken Soroka, Ward E candidate, 2010:

“I am proud to endorse Ken Gibson for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee in Ward E for the October 2013 civic election. He received my vote in both the 2004 and 2007 civic elections, where he was successful as our Edmonton Public School Board candidate in Ward E. He is a passionate advocate for public education and would continue to make positive contributions to the Board.”

Svend Hansen, former Trustee and Chair of Edmonton Public School Board:

“As a former Trustee and Board Chair I have worked with Ken Gibson as a fellow Trustee with the Edmonton Public School Board It is without reservation that I endorse his candidacy as School Trustee in the upcoming election. Ken’s first priority is and has always been his focus on Educational issues and their impact on the welfare of students. The impact of social issues and constructive efforts to enhance financing for the local school district were and continue to be high on his list of priorities. Ken through his work with the Alberta Construction Association has developed a strong network with both the provincial and civic governments. As a Trustee he has demonstrated leadership in working with various levels of government for the betterment of educational opportunities for students. Ken believes in the importance of developing a solid working relationship and partnership with the larger community in resolving issues which impact the local community. Ken Gibson knows and understands the role of School Trustee.”