I feel honoured that a number of supporters of public education have endorsed me:

Don Fleming, former Trustee and Chair of Edmonton Public School Board:

“Ken Gibson is the best choice as Public School Trustee for Ward E. In his previous terms as the Ward Trustee, Ken distinguished himself as one of the most dedicated and thoughtful members of the Board. His experience provides him with an in-depth understanding of the organizational culture of Edmonton Public Schools. He appreciates the commitment of District staff, the complexities of allocating scarce resources to schools and the challenges of developing school budgets. He knows how to balance community needs with Board priorities. He is a passionate advocate for community and for public education. As your Trustee he will continue to work to ensure that every student is provided with the best possible learning opportunities.”

Bev Esslinger, former Trustee and Chair of Edmonton Public School Board:

“Ken was a great Trustee and I wholeheartedly endorse him as he demonstrated thorough understanding of the education system,  fiscally responsible and focused on providing the best education possible to students.”

Ken Soroka, Ward E candidate, 2010:

“I am proud to endorse Ken Gibson for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee in Ward E for the October 2013 civic election. He received my vote in both the 2004 and 2007 civic elections, where he was successful as our Edmonton Public School Board candidate in Ward E. He is a passionate advocate for public education and would continue to make positive contributions to the Board.”

Svend Hansen, former Trustee and Chair of Edmonton Public School Board:

“As a former Trustee and Board Chair I have worked with Ken Gibson as a fellow Trustee with the Edmonton Public School Board It is without reservation that I endorse his candidacy as School Trustee in the upcoming election. Ken’s first priority is and has always been his focus on Educational issues and their impact on the welfare of students. The impact of social issues and constructive efforts to enhance financing for the local school district were and continue to be high on his list of priorities. Ken through his work with the Alberta Construction Association has developed a strong network with both the provincial and civic governments. As a Trustee he has demonstrated leadership in working with various levels of government for the betterment of educational opportunities for students. Ken believes in the importance of developing a solid working relationship and partnership with the larger community in resolving issues which impact the local community. Ken Gibson knows and understands the role of School Trustee.”