Edmonton Public Schools engages in community consultation on an ongoing basis.  However, from time to time I plan to reach out to parents and other residents of Ward E for their input. Sharing your thoughts informally with me makes me more informed and a better advocate on your behalf.

The Board will soon be launching dialogue to help set District Priorities for the next 4 years. District priorities are really important because they set the objectives that drive the plans for schools and the District.  The Priorities will impact decisions about policies, budgets, and programs.

The District will formally be offering opportunities for input on Priorities, likely starting in December or January. Trustees are starting with determining the questions to ask of stakeholders.

As you can imagine, Priorities can be broad and numerous, although  experience suggests schools and the District are more successful in achieving objectives if they are fewer and more focused.  To that end, I’d appreciate your input to several questions.  Your replies will be confidential.  If you are interested in offering your views to me, please email me at ken@kengibson.ca . Thanks!