Today, the Board approved the distribution of funds.  The distribution of funds sets the stage for allocation of the funds received from the Provincial Education Budget to schools and central decision units.

I supported the Distribution because it puts our funds to support District priorities and values through a number of approaches:

  • the vast majority of the funds are allocated to classrooms, supporting students first
  • the prudent investment of reserves to supplement the stand-pat dollars provided by the Province
  • the allocations to the Central units also directly support students, with allocations for initiatives in support of literacy, numeracy, intercultural / English Language Learners, early years literacy, and mental health
  • other allocations are to build staff capacity through professional development, summer institutes, and principal readiness
  • continued support for the Equity Fund to address emerging needs in individual schools that could not be foreseen at the time individual schools develop their budgets
  • additional investments are made to support staff in better performing their jobs through evidence-based decision making, including the dashboard indicators project and student assessment
  • initiatives that support the Districts broader aims in providing efficient, functional high quality classrooms in schools throughout the City, and
  • initiatives to strengthen our partnerships with the broader community.