Thanks to Co-Chairs Gaylene and Rick, the rest of Council, and Principal Watson for the opportunity to attend the Council meeting. Bravo to all the Council for braving the wintry weather to attend!

I was pleased to learn of the involvement of Council and representatives from other school partners in the selection process for new Assistant Principal Prato – that’s generative governance in practice!  I was also very impressed with the Council’s development of a workplan calendar – a best practice that could benefit all school Councils.  Finally congratulations to the STRIVE team and the whole school for exceeding your food and funding targets for donations to the Edmonton Food Bank through We Scare Hunger.

I appreciate the support of Council to explore a Trustee / Board portal on SchoolZone, provided the communications are relevant.  It was interesting to learn that a central communication can sometimes reduce the workload for school staff performing the task on behalf of the District.