Thanks to Chair Gaylene, rest of Council, and Principal Yule for allowing me to participate in the meeting.  I found the discussion on Career Pathways very interesting.  The student work to build a portfolio, identify learning preferences, and create a resume on My Blueprint is valuable, and the alternate learning opportunity for all Grade 9 students at Jasper Place High School is a great initiative.

Beyond Career Awareness, speaker Jesse Lipscomb is presenting the anti-racism awareness Make It Awkward message.

It was interesting to learn of student voice influencing the school decision to space the mid-terms further apart to reduce student anxiety.

We discussed traffic safety issues, including the issue of drivers creating multiple lanes at the 4 way stop.

Finally, I am looking forward to learning at the Parent sessions February 8 (Student Anxiety) and March 8 (Technology and Social Media).  Hopefully lots of interested parents attend both sessions!