I had the privilege today to review the past year’s results and this year’s plans for Aldergrove, Centennial, Lynnwood, Orsmby, Talmud Torah, and Thorncliffe schools, as well as for the District Outreach programs for at risk high school students.  It was a pleasure to participate in the Review with Assistant Superintendent Bolan, and also Superintendent Robertson.

I was inspired and moved by the dedication, commitment, and creative approaches District staff, parents, and partners use every day to help prepare students for success.

I heard of ongoing assessment practice and professional development to strengthen literacy and mathematics skills, along with initiatives to develop problem solving, teamwork and communication skills necessary in our modern society.  I was impressed by the focus, motivation, and collaboration to provide programming and support to serve the needs of each student.

I learned of the leadership displayed by the students themselves in helping younger students, in building community through volunteer and neighborhood activities, and in managing their own learning.

I thank the staff presenters led by Principals Patterson, Sader, Godfrey, Marshall, Yeoman, Boyle, and Fouts-Mitchell and parents Jolene, Amy, Rebecca and Frida for their comments.  I truly wish every parent and community member could be present at Results Review to hear the amazing results of student growth and development.

Students face many challenges and come from many backgrounds.  I feel tremendous appreciation for the selfless work of so many to create a better future for all.