Candidates receive questionnaires from interested parties.  Here is the Edmonton Council of Early Years Coalitions questionnaire and my responses:

To The Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Candidates:

The Edmonton Council of Early Years Coalitions, representing the seven city coalitions, congratulates you on your candidacy in the School Board election to serve children and education in our city.  There are approximately one hundred provincially mandated coalitions in Alberta comprised of volunteers including parents, grandparents, educators, health providers, librarians, child care providers, agencies and others who are committed to nurturing young children in the community.  These Coalitions focus on increasing public knowledge about the importance of the early years in a child’s development.  They do so by linking with families and other stakeholders, improving collaboration, facilitating local actions, and advocating for enhanced environments and services that help young children attain their full potential.

  • If elected, how will you champion the Early Years in your governance work on the EPSB?  The 2013-2017 Board of which I am a member explicitly added support for Early Years education to the District Strategic Plan.  This decision was in recognition of the critical importance of a child entering Grade One with appropriate emotional, social, intellectual and physical development milestones to that child’s success as a student.  I will continue to advocate for inclusion of early years development as a priority focus for Edmonton Public Schools.
  • How will you support your Board’s current initiatives focused on young children and their families? The Board significantly expanded early learning “Pre-Kindergarten” programming under a new delivery model. The Edmonton Public Schools Foundation raises funds to support provision of full day Kindergarten.  I support expansion of Pre-K and full day Kindergarten based on current research and evidence from our existing programs.
  • Do you have any new or different initiatives to propose that will improve the early childhood development results for young children?  If so, what are they? 1. Early development encompasses a number of development milestones.  I believe it important that Edmonton Public Schools expand its partnerships with health care and other service providers to ensure timely assessments and supports to help children achieve these milestones. 2. Edmonton Public Schools has been working to ensure child care spaces in new and modernized schools.  I would welcome the opportunity to explore greater partnerships to ensure that early years child care services throughout the city incorporate developmentally appropriate early learning programs into their service.