I have developed a number of priorities based on ten years as a trustee. However, you are the public in public education. I want to hear your priorities. You can contact me at ken@kengibson.ca

Here are my priorities:

1. Strengthen the role of the community in education.

Inspiring Education laid out a vision for greater involvement and partnership with the community to improve educational outcomes.  The Government’s Future Ready initiative has brought a broader action plan to this issue.  I serve on a construction careers working group that brings labour and industry together with educators as part of Edmonton Public’s Career Pathways. The working group is promoting dual credit learning opportunities (whereby a student earns both high school and post-secondary credits at the same time), and hands-on experience through summer camps.

I will continue to advocate for:

  • Partnerships with volunteer post secondary students, retired individuals and other members of the community to strengthen student learning through programs such as VISTA (Volunteers Inspiring Students To Achieve).
  • Broadening student learning through optional digital-based content, for example, partnering with the financial community to offer courses in financial literacy.
  • Hands-on experience through industry partnerships, such as the work underway with the construction industry.

2. Modern schools serving community needs in mature and new neighborhoods.

Community consultations such as the 2012 ELEVATE report confirm that both mature and new neighborhoods value school buildings that serve a number of community needs, whether educational, child care, cultural needs and so on.

I will continue to advocate for:

  • New schools for growing neighborhoods (K-9 in Edgemont and a new high school in River’s Edge).
  • Playgrounds be funded as part of new school construction.
  • Continued investment in new technologies and building upgrades for older schools where enrollment remains strong.
  • New replacement schools with community support for unsustainable low enrollment schools in mature neighborhoods
  • Education-based daycare and out of school hours care in schools

3. Improve school traffic safety

Edmonton Public successfully advocated that the City of Edmonton invest funds raised from school zone speeding tickets into improved school traffic safety.  Feedback from residents suggests that more needs to be done.

I will continue to advocate for:

  • Continued investment in improved traffic safety measures for all schools.
  • Joint City / School Board consultation with school communities to explore implementation of other safety measures such as street parking contributing to congestion and reduced visibility of pedestrians.