1. Approval of Memorandum of Agreement with Edmonton Teachers local 37.

The MOU brings EPSB into alignment with the Provincial agreement with the ATA, is financially sustainable, and supports professional development.

2. Annual Education Results Report and 3 Year Education Plan

I offered a number of comments (AERR November 26 2013). In summary, I believe that the annual report and plan can be improved bycontinuing to build a narrative that logically flows as follows:

o   A discussion of the current situation

o   A description of our goals to improve on the current situation

o   An analysis of the strategies to achieve those goals

o   Evidence of performance and accomplishment for the current period.  Can we grouped together simple summaries of current district results vs. the previous 3 years average and vs. the current provincial average?

o   Analysis of what worked and what needs to change

o   A description of the revised strategies and associated performance measures that make up the new plan