The Board:

– approved its Strategic Work Plan to focus on infrastructure, early education, and career pathways in support of achievement of the District Plan.

– had a clean financial audit, eliminated a structural deficit in which accumulated surpluses at schools exceeded available District funds, and invested $40 million surplus operating funds towards $11.9 million in capital reserves and $28.6 million in a new District Sustainability Fund to address  high priority planned expenses in addition to emergent district-wide issues.

– approved a revised Fall Budget in which accumulated operating reserves are used to supplement funds from Government to better meet the needs of students.  Additional funds from Government were realized largely because of increased enrollment at September 30 compared to the budget prepared in Spring 2014.

– reviewed last year’s results and approved a 3 year education plan emphasizing building staff capacity to strengthen literacy, numeracy, early years learning, citizenship and preparation for success beyond grade 12, in supporting the needs of our increasingly diverse learners.

– reviewed the Superintendent’s report on past year’s progress and plans for the current year.  Not surprisingly, the Superintendent’s report is very consistent with the 3 year plan.

– celebrated the election of Alberta’s first student trustee. Ms. Johannah Ko is a student at Edmonton Christian High School.