The proposed change in Ward boundaries received 3rd and final reading.  The Minister of Education has final approval, which is scheduled to be dealt with by March 1st. Aldergrove, Belmead, Laperle, Thorncliffe, Terra Losa, and Summerlea will be part of Ward C next election.

Board policy requires the Governance and Evaluation Committee to review trustee compensation once a term. Trustees approved adjusting compensation for the next Board to be elected October 2017.  Trustee remuneration had been unchanged since 2010-2011.  An outside consultant reported that remuneration for Edmonton Public was near the bottom compared to Edmonton Catholic, Calgary Catholic, and Calgary Public.  The change will see the Trustee remuneration increase to the current average of the 4 metro boards, with an annual adjustment based on an objective measure of the change (including decreases) in cost of living. Total cost of the change is approximately $50,000 in the first year.

The Policy Review Committee presented policy IJA.BP Electioneering and Politically Motivated Communications for first reading.  While the content has not substantively changed, it is important to finalize the policy so that all candidates have the policy in advance of the election October 2017. Revisions include:
o additions of three sections: Purpose, Definitions and Accountability
o adjusting language to ensure consistency with current Board policies and the School Act
o ensuring clarity and eliminating repetition

The policy will be posted to the District website to receive stakeholder feedback.

The Policy Review Committee presented a new policy, AE.BP Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Healthy Learning and Working Environments, for first reading. The development of AE.BP Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Healthy Learning and Working Environments was initiated to serve as a parent policy to a set of policies related to learning and working environments. This set of policies align to the requirements of the School Act, reflect the diversity our student and staff populations and are intended to foster a sense of belonging, safety and wellness for all students and staff. The work to complete Policy AE.BP and revise all related policies is included in the Annual Policy Review Work Plan 2016—2017.  The policy will be posted to the District website to receive stakeholder feedback.

Based on dialogue with parents at recent school council meetings, and a questionnaire circulated with residents living near Ward E schools, I made the following Requests for Information at the January 31st Board meeting (RFIs are the official way to ask the Administration to formally respond):

1. Can the administration post the list of schools that the City of Edmonton has worked with to improve traffic safety, and the list for the next set of schools to receive traffic safety improvements.

2. Does the district have a program to replace aging fixtures (eg. sinks) with modern water and energy saving fixtures, and if so, please outline the process by which schools are placed on the list to receive such improvements.
3. Rio and Quesnell students are designated to Patricia Heights for elementary, but are designated to Laurier Heights junior high rather than Hillcrest as the other Pat Heights students.  Is this something the District could look at?
Following the Board meeting, Trustees and the new Student Senate had a dinner meeting to answer student questions and exchange information.