The Board approved a recommendation to provide feedback to our representatives to the Alberta School Boards Association to end membership in the Canadian and National (US) School Board Associations.  EPSB representatives have been applying the values of transparency, accountability, and integrity that we operate our own District and have sought to confirm value for money in ASBA holding these memberships.  EPSB and other Boards can participate in the professional development sessions without ASBA holding membership.  We strive to maximize the use of public funds in the classroom at all times. Current tight fiscal circumstances provide even greater urgency to doing so.

An additional item dealt with trying to provide greater clarity when to use the Board’s in camera (confidential meeting) powers, known as Caucus Committee. When dealing with personnel, legal, or real estate transactions, there is a need for confidentiality.  Currently all Board decisions are made a t Public Board meetings.  There are times when the District needs to move ahead on a more timely basis, so the Board is trying to amend our process to respect transparency and yet meet the needs to move forward.  The Board decided today to refer the matter to our legal counsel for further clarity.

Trustee Chubb brought forward a motion that EPSB advocate with Alberta Education to ensure the teaching of consent as part of the program of studies in Human Sexuality.  Currently, it appears that this outcome is not formally included, even though the attached report indicates the clear definition in the Criminal Code of Canada.  The current Provincial redesign of curriculum provides an opportunity to add this important learning outcome.