Thanks to Jason R. and 7 other Glastonbury Community League Directors for the invitation to meet to discuss Edmonton Schools Growth and Accommodation consultation regarding Bessie Nichols School. I was able to share with the Community League Directors the material provided at the December 9, 2013 Bessie Nichols School Council meeting.

I reiterated that the 3 options contained in that document are intended to be a starting point for discussion and no decisions have been made. The Board does intend to decide by the end of February 2014 in advance of dates for pre-enrolment in March 2014.

The Directors shared the following with me:
-the anger and anxiety the pressures in accommodating all students has created for parents in the Glastonbury, Granville, and the Hamptons neighborhoods,
-the need for a new school to be the highest priority for the Board’s capital plan,
-the need for more information about possible elementary and junior high receiving schools for students that could be impacted,
-the need for options to incorporate consideration and potential solutions for issues related to student transportation and before and after school care, and
– the need for longer term solutions for junior high students if they are impacted.

I urge parents and community members to make their concerns and options are heard by completing the survey accessible at and attending the public meeting at Jasper Place High School January 7, 2014.