A very big thanks to Jon Carson @JonCMLA for the invitation to attend today’s BBQ.  Glenwood becomes part of Ward E with the October election so I appreciated the invitation to meet and learn the views of community members.

Thanks to the folks who chatted with me, including Tim, Bertha, and Jeffrey, as well as Jerry, Olivia, and Liam.

A few points I heard:

  • a big thank you from parents for the great job our teachers perform, with shout outs to staff at Afton, Westlawn, and Jasper Place
  • appreciation for the Government’s Bill 1 to reduce the financial burden on parents.  The grants for playgrounds for new schools are also appreciated, but we need to keep working to reduce the costs on parents for essentials and be mindful of the already large fundraising efforts by a small group of volunteers
  • support for investing in new schools to serve the greater Westlawn area
  • why is there so much duplication of resources – do we need both public and separate schools?
  • suggestion that early in the school year, continue and expand open houses and use multiple channels of communication to equip parents with the information they need to support their kids and their teachers
  • changes to the curriculum to strengthen preparedness for life after school, financial literacy, resiliency, respect, and accountability.  The curriculum should provide an overview of world history in the context of how historical events shaped the development of these attributes in each successive generation.