Thanks to Shelley, Rebecca, the rest of Council and Principal Martyn for the invite to participate. I was able to provide an update, as follows:

1. Construction update

The 7-9 Lewis Farms – construction scheduled to start May 1

Granville – thanks to advocacy, now a full build (900 students) rather than starter school.  Occupancy target Dec 31, 2016

Capital plan reflects community input – will investigate new designs with smaller footprint (eg. that could fit the Glastonbury site if required); will determine over the next year the need for a new west end high school

2. Traffic – Board seeking to influence City decisions for the funds raised through photo radar to be used for school traffic concerns

3. Budget – while final budget will be post election, Board committed to focusing resources to support kids in classrooms

4. Strategic plan – District focused on enhancing collection and analysis of data, including parent feedback, to improve practice to support student success