Thanks to Co-Chairs Lori and Shane, the rest of Council, and Principal Kun for the opportunity to participate in the Council meeting. I applaud Aldergrove’s 3 goals for June 2016, particularly the goal that 100% of students will advance one grade level in writing as measured by HLAT test results.  It was interesting to learn that one strategy under the goal to create 3 community partnerships, that with the U of A Community Services Learning Partnership, could see as many as 40 University students assisting with learning in the April – June 2016 period.

As with other recent School Council meetings, I had the opportunity to seek Council and staff feedback concerning the possible use of SchoolZone for trustee and Board communications.  While supportive in principle, feedback also included:

– the need to engage with parents and schools in which SchoolZone is not the primary means of communication

– the use of SchoolZone itself and alternative technologies is evolving, so timing of such an initiative needs to be considered

– confidentiality of parental feedback needs to be maintained

– care must be taken that parental communication to the trustee does not duplicate existing school-based communications, nor create duplication for staff to respond to enquiries