1512, 2016

Michael A Kostek Division One Christmas Concert, December 14, 2016

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The Jingle Bell Jukebox presented by Grades 1, 2, and 3 was funny, fun, and touching.  Great school support as several hundred parents and grandparents attended the mid-afternoon performance to avoid the crowds for the evening performance! Thanks to Principal Kroeker and the rest of the MAK team for their warm welcome.

1412, 2016

Highlights of December 13 2016 Board meeting

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The Board reviewed results for our self-identified First Nation, Inuit, and Metis students. Steady progress is being made in achievement and graduation. Thanks for the presentations from Prince Charles, Amiskwciy, and Queen Elizabeth Scools, and for Maddy and Cheyenne for sharing their hopes.

The Board also passed a resolution to create a bylaw on an update to the Ward boundaries to keep pace with changing neighborhood populations throughout the City.  Ministerial approval is required prior to March 1s, 2017. Trustees selected Option 3 for the bylaw.  The neighborhoods of Aldergrove, Belmead, LaPerle, Thorncliffe, Terra Losa, and Summerlea would now be part of Ward C.  A number of mature neighborhoods would now be part of Ward E. You can have your input on the boundary bylaw as follows:

NEXT STEPS 1. January 3, 2017 – Advertise that the ward boundaries are changing, work with communications to advertise on web, social media and print media, whatever is appropriate. Let the public know that they can attend the public meeting on January 17 and that the bylaw will be considered for 1st and 2nd reading. 2. January 17, 2017 – A recommendation report requesting 1st and 2nd reading of the bylaw. 3. January 31, 2017 – A recommendation report requesting 3rd and final reading of the bylaw

912, 2016

Hillcrest Winter Band Concert December 8, 2016

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I had the pleasure of being hosted by Principal Fonseca and Hillcrest School this evening.  In addition to fine music from the Grade 7, 8, 9, and Jazz Bands, there was also performances by massed bands.  Mr. Mallett, Hillcrest’s music  teacher, added insight to the entertainment by explaining the difficulty of the pieces, and student teacher Ms. Straight ably conducted as well.  The crowd favorite was “Rock Around the Clock” in which Mr. Doucet substituted for ailing drummer Luke.

The next opportunity to hear the band perform is at the Oil Kings game in January at Rogers Place!

Kudos to Brian and Dorothy for organizing the Band fundraiser (those chocolate covered almonds did not last long once I was home)!

It was also very nice to visit with Lori E., former Aldergrove School Council Chair whose children are both now at Hillcrest.

612, 2016

AB Government Strengthens Mathematics and Numeracy Education

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I applaud the AB Government for their plan to reintroduce in 2018/2019 a written response portion to Mathematics 30-1 and 30-2 diploma exams, introducing a non-calculator section to the Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Tests in Mathematics, and making available bursaries up to $2,000 per teacher to help cover tuition costs for post-secondary courses designed to strengthen their knowledge, skill and confidence in teaching mathematics.


Strengthening mathematics proficiency opens more career choices to our students, in engineering, sciences, and business.

Edmonton Public has a strong focus on numeracy. introducing the Math Intervention/Programming Instrument or MIPI (http://epsb.ca/news/schools/mathinterventionprogramminginstrument.html) , qualifications targets for staff (https://www.epsb.ca/ourdistrict/policy/f/fca-ar/) and significant professional development in numeracy and mathematics.

I hope Advanced Education takes up recommendation 6 from the Math Curriculum Review Working Group, namely:

“6. That Advanced Education undertakes a focused research initiative to inform a long-term study on how to monitor readiness and success in post-secondary mathematics programs.”

The ultimate test for how well the K-12 system teaches numeracy and mathematics is how well we prepare students for post-secondary and workplace mathematics.


612, 2016

Ormsby School Council December 5, 2016

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Thanks to Chair Veronica, the rest of Council, and Principal Marshall for letting me join the meeting and graciously accepting my apologies for my late arrival.  I was fortunate to have already heard Principal Marshall’s report on School Goals at Results Review in late November. I enjoyed seeing the school produced video on the benefits for students for accessing the Apple Fitness Store stationary bicycles.  Students ride the bike for brief periods of time to get energized and focused on learning with remarkable results.

I was able to share some good news from the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 approvals for the use of the Districts Operating Reserve, approved at the November 29th Board meeting.  The Reserve, built up by prudent spending by our schools and District, is being reinvested in classrooms and schools across the District.  Additional funds are being invested in programs to assist English Language Learner and severe special needs students.  Schools will also no longer be spending as much from their allocations for technology and for minor building maintenance, freeing up more dollars to support students.

I was also asked to find out more about how the new provincial curriculum will be explained to parents. Once I have that information, I will share through this blog.