2710, 2015

Centennial School Council October 26, 2015

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Thanks to Chair Colin, the rest of Council, and Principal Sader for the opportunity to participate in tonight’s meeting. It was great to learn the school’s fantastic results for the past year, and see the video on student portfolios.  As I did at Hillcrest and Michael A. Kostek, I asked about the idea of using SchoolZone for trustee / parent communications.  The Council was very supportive and the valuable feedback they provided included:

– make sure it is 2-way communication

– use it as a means to explain what the Board did with the parental input received

– if pop-up notifications for “what’s new” upon login is not feasible, provide notification through the school calendar, newsletter, or other channels.

Speaking of parental engagement, check-out the turnout in the photo below (20 plus parents a meeting)!

centennial PAC Oct 26 2015

2110, 2015

Michael A Kostek Literacy Presentation and School Council October 20, 2015

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Thanks to Melaine and the rest of Council, Principal Kroeker and Assistant Principal Brooks for the opportunity to attend the meetings last night.

Curriculum Coordinator Shannon Harwood provided an excellent presentation for parents in assisting their children with reading at home, using leveled literacy approaches and materials.

Following the literacy presentation, I appreciated participating in the School Council meeting.  Similar to the Hillcrest meeting last week, we had a chance to discuss the use of SchoolZone for Board and trustee communications.  I appreciate the excellent feedback, including:

– when parents log in to SchoolZone, use a pop-up alert that new info is available

– publicize in the newsletter as well

– keep to a few, brief questions each time

– ensure the parent can answer directly without having to follow any links

Here’s a photo of Ms. Harwood presenting to parents:



1610, 2015

Hillcrest School Council October 15, 2015

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Thanks to Chair Jeff, the rest of Council and Principal Sas-Evans for the opportunity to participate.  Thanks to the Council Executive for continuing to serve another year – we need you!

Council and staff provided great feedback on engaging with parents:

– use multi-media, SchoolZone is great, but also use paper, social media

– think about translation in other languages

– keep to a few questions

– focus on the impacts in school, this is what parents are most concerned with

– discuss implementation, not just policy.  Also report on implementation, for example, do schools monitor adherence to Daily Physical Activity and junk food policies?

910, 2015

Thomas Dang Town Hall October 8, 2015

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I appreciated the opportunity to attend MLA Dang’s town hall last night at Johnny Bright School, along with Trustee Nathan Ip.  Residents from Ward E participated as Mr. Dang’s constituency spans both sides of the river.  It was a pleasure to respond to questions related to education and the school board.  Thanks MLA Dang and his Chief of Staff Joshua!

I also want to thank Chris, Coralynn, and Christina (apologies if any names are misspelled) for sharing important perspectives on improving aboriginal student participation and performance, and on improving accountability for the use of the considerable aboriginal student funding provided to EPSB by the Provincial Government.