3009, 2014

Aldergrove School Council September 29 2014

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Thanks to Lori, the rest of Council, and Principal Patterson for the opportunity to attend. The presentation on the Math Intervention Programming Instrument (MIPI) was interesting. MIPI is a tool for students in Grades 2-9. In mid-September, students completed a short assessment on math concepts they learned last school year. So, for example, a student in Grade 6 will answer a series of questions based on what they learned in Grade 5. Or, they will answer questions at the level they were working at during the Grade 5 year. The results will not count toward students’ grades. There’s no need to study ahead of time. This tool is simply a way to help teachers know where each student is in their math knowledge and skills and if students need more help in math. This is all about strengthening the District’s work to improve math programming and support for students.

2309, 2014

Rio Terrace School Council meeting September 22 2014

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Thanks to Michel and the rest of Council for the invitation to attend this evening.  Enrolment, achievement results, and Council finances all in great shape.  Kudos to the school staff and Council for the great job!

1609, 2014

Highlights of September 16 2014 Board meeting

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At today’s Board meeting:

– the Board approved sale of the closed Wellington School to the City of Edmonton for $4,755,000. The closed school site has been used by the City for a number of years.  The nearly $4.8 million will be added to the District capital reserves, where it can be used for such purposes as purchasing additional modular and portable classrooms (as in the case of Bessie Nichols this past year).

– the Board approved a motion to advocate with the Provincial Government to restore transportation funding.  A change in the funding formula reduced Provincial funding to the District of approximately $1.3 million dollars per year.  The motion further calls for dialogue with the Province, as the current formula does not reflect the challenges of providing optimal service for Edmonton communities.  Funding shortfalls impose a financial burden on parents, and especially where new schools are not yet built, can contribute to very long ride times for students.

– The Board approved closure of 3 schools in the Lawton area to make way for a modern replacement school.  This decision has been strongly supported by the community and may offer a positive model to provide great learning spaces and reduce building operating and maintenance costs.  Currently, the District is forced to use instructional funds to make up shortfalls to keep aging facilities operating safely and comfortably.

209, 2014

Highlights of the September 2 2014 Board meeting

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Congratulations to Board Chairman Hoffman and Vice Chair Janz upon their reappointments.

Chair Hoffman noted EPSB advocacy of the 3 Progressive Conservative candidates regarding need for more schools and for full day kindergarten.

The Board approved Vice Chair Janz’s motion laying out an advocacy plan to work with other levels of government to strengthen their understanding of the urgent priority for new schools and school modernizations, and to create greater certainty so that families can plan where their children will be attending school.  Read the motion here.