2911, 2013

Canadian Council of Chief Executives calls for greater collaboration between business and educational institutions

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Today’s National Post has an interesting article covering a speech by John Manley, the CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.  What I found interesting is that employers are seeking graduates with the types of 21st century skills being pursued by Alberta’s education system – communications, analysis, problem-solving, leadership, in addition to strong literacy and numeracy.  I am cheered by his point that business wishes to collaborate with educational institutions, something I am advocating for Edmonton Public Schools.

2711, 2013

Highlights of the November 26 2013 Board Meeting

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1. Approval of Memorandum of Agreement with Edmonton Teachers local 37.

The MOU brings EPSB into alignment with the Provincial agreement with the ATA, is financially sustainable, and supports professional development.

2. Annual Education Results Report and 3 Year Education Plan

I offered a number of comments (AERR November 26 2013). In summary, I believe that the annual report and plan can be improved bycontinuing to build a narrative that logically flows as follows:

o   A discussion of the current situation

o   A description of our goals to improve on the current situation

o   An analysis of the strategies to achieve those goals

o   Evidence of performance and accomplishment for the current period.  Can we grouped together simple summaries of current district results vs. the previous 3 years average and vs. the current provincial average?

o   Analysis of what worked and what needs to change

o   A description of the revised strategies and associated performance measures that make up the new plan

2311, 2013

Hillcrest 50th anniversary

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Thanks to Principal Sas-Evans and the School Council for the invitation to participate in Hillcrest School’s 50th anniversary celebration on November 22nd.  The heart-felt remarks of former Principal Kim Backs, School Council Chair Jeff B. and parent Allan B. were moving and inspirational, the school band’s rendition of Yellow Submarine and the 50 year trivia contest brought back lots of fun memories, and the student prepared hors d’oeuvres were  delicious. Here’s to another 50 years of excellence!

1911, 2013

Setting District Priorities – Your Input Requested

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Edmonton Public Schools engages in community consultation on an ongoing basis.  However, from time to time I plan to reach out to parents and other residents of Ward E for their input. Sharing your thoughts informally with me makes me more informed and a better advocate on your behalf.

The Board will soon be launching dialogue to help set District Priorities for the next 4 years. District priorities are really important because they set the objectives that drive the plans for schools and the District.  The Priorities will impact decisions about policies, budgets, and programs.

The District will formally be offering opportunities for input on Priorities, likely starting in December or January. Trustees are starting with determining the questions to ask of stakeholders.

As you can imagine, Priorities can be broad and numerous, although  experience suggests schools and the District are more successful in achieving objectives if they are fewer and more focused.  To that end, I’d appreciate your input to several questions.  Your replies will be confidential.  If you are interested in offering your views to me, please email me at ken@kengibson.ca . Thanks!

811, 2013

Bessie Nichols School Tour – November 8, 2013

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Thanks to Bessie Nichols School for hosting MLA Matt Jeneroux and myself. Great to see the passion of the School Council and staff in support of BN students and community! I was also very impressed with Matt Jeneroux’s degree of engagement and knowledge of BN school. Thanks Matt for your vigorous advocacy for Provincial support to add more capacity to BN School.